Jetty fishing off the Oregon coast in Nehalem Bay is an adventure that promises to be both thrilling and awe-inspiring. As you cast your line into the dynamic, wild ocean, you'll feel the excitement of catching saltwater fish in a way that brings a smile to the most stoic face. The rocky jetties are home to a diverse array of species, hiding in crevices and crags just below your feet. These fish are drawn to the jetties as if by a siren's call, beckoned by the plentiful baitfish that makes its home in the rocks.

The rugged beauty of the Oregon coastline is the perfect backdrop to this unique experience. As you watch fishing boats return to port and sea birds glide overhead, you'll feel like you're part of a natural masterpiece that's both breathtaking and humbling. The jetties themselves are like an open-air pantry, rich with shrimp, crab, and other delicacies that tempt the fish to come out and play.

In many ways, jetty fishing is a journey into the unknown. The breakwaters help protect the bay, also protecting a wide variety of species. You never know what you might catch or what kind of adventure the day will hold. It's a world where patience and persistence are rewarded, and the thrill of the catch is only matched by the joy of the journey.

Species to catch

kelp greenling, black, copper, deacon, vermilion, China and canary rockfish, lingcod, cabezon, surfperch.